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E-file course

  • 12Weeks
  • 20Steps


It's definitely a great add-on to your existing skills as a nail technician and a very important course to teach you the safe use of an electric file, ensuring you do not damage any of your clients natural nails. This course is designed for qualified and experienced nail technicians who are confident working with nail files. This course will teach you how to safely work with the electric file covering all of the following: 1 Refining and shaping overlays and nail extensions 2 Removing bulk from an overlay and nail extension 3 Reducing the length of a nail extension 4 Use the file to speed up your removal time of overlays and nail extensions 5 Types of drill bits and how to choose which one to work with 6 How to disinfect and sterilize drill bits. 7 How to look after and when to service your e-file. 8 Natural nail prep with e-file This course is perfect for you nail technicians who are looking to keep your skills up to date, speed up your treatment time and maximise your profits. A fully accredited and insured course, so you will receive a certificate to show off your hard work.

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