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Nail Technology Specialist

Naetika Academy

Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology or in Nail Service (equivalent to VTCT) insured and accredited by ABT

Online/offline program

Online 3 month access

Offline 5,10 or 15 days course

3 packages:

✅Manicure Tech- from basic to advanced,4 manicure techniques,e-file qualification

✅Ready Tech - all from 1st package plus Gel/Acrygel nail Sculpting, Sculpting rebalance and Refill

✅Fully Qualified- 1st+2nd package plus Pedicure (3 techniques) and Nail Art


❗️Payment plan available

Only £20 a week🥳

Information about courses

Bonus ⭐️

-Student book

-Insurance discount 10%

-after course support for 6 month

-Student discount 15% on tools and products

More information

WhatsApp 07878780231 ❤️

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