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Our Foot Health Practitioner...

When faced with such a delicate problem as a disease of toenails or unpleasant illnesses of soles🦶, you begin to feel shy, afraid and even hide unwanted problems. But as soon as it start hurt 😱everyone unrestrainedly begins to look for someone who can help somehow ...

Is someone dear to you need help, then I am always happy to help or make the referral.💎

⁉️Why I, and not a master of aesthetic pedicure or a chiropodist?

✅Experience: 8 years.

✅Cabinet: modern, large, stylish room and the latest equipment on the market VERY comfortable electric chairs and equipment with a dust extractor.

✅Education: the most important, not just many many courses of my loved ones aesthetic pedicures, but also the highest level 4 of foot health practitioner qualification. Only this 1 training took a whole year of study and the tasks of the official exams for higher education this is the official equivalent of a year at the university for a podiatry degree.

✅Safety: all stages of decontamination of tools. Same as in podiatry clinic. And also only expert quality tools from Staleks Professional.

✅Cosmetics: best products for the treatment and aftercare of the foot from the medical grade companies in the world: KART, Gehwol and Footlogix.

👌I never sit still, I am constantly learning and developing, learning new techniques in podiatry.

I adore with all my heart what I do, which means that we will definitely be successful.👍

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