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Imen Builder gel  15g

Imen Builder gel 15g

Builder gel Imen

Self-leveling product

Flexible, durable gel of medium viscosity

Suitable for arch modelling,dual forms or nail overlay

Easy to file

A subtle odor

Economical consumption

  • How to use

    Builder gel Imen

    Prepare the nail plate:

    file with a buff or natural nails file

    degrease with a dehydrator or degreaser

    apply an acid-free primer and dry for 30-60 seconds in air

    Cover the nail with a thin layer of Imen Rubber base

    Polymerize in a 48w LED lamp for 30 secs, in UV one for 1 min

    Apply a thin layer of sculpting gel to the nail.

    Take a small drop of gel with the brush. The volume of the drop depends on the size of the nail.

    With the tip of the brush, without pushing through the mater

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