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Imen Builder gel Clear 15g

Imen Builder gel Clear 15g

Self-leveling material

Flexing gel of medium viscosity

Suitable for arch modeling

Easy to file

Not felt on the nails

A subtle odor hardly smelled

Economical consumption since it requires minimum filing after modeling.

Builder gel Imen

Prepare the nail plate:

file with a buff or natural nails file

degrease with a dehydrator or degreaser

apply an acid-free primer and dry for 30-60 seconds in air

Cover the nail with a thin layer of Imen Rubber base

Polymerize in a 48w LED lamp for 30 secs, in UV one for 1 min

Apply a thin layer of sculpting gel to the nail.

Take a small drop of gel with the brush. The volume of the drop depends on the size of the nail.

With the tip of the brush, without pushing through the material, set the direction of the gel, help take the desired shape.

Polymerize in a UV lamp for 3 minutes, in an LED lamp – for 60–90 secs.

If necessary, remove the sticky layer, file with a buff. After this procedure, the nails are strengthened and ready for applying gel polish. You can create complex designs or do French

Caution: For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children.

    VAT Included
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