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N.A.T Professional Polygel Glam Toffee 30g

N.A.T Professional Polygel Glam Toffee 30g

SKU: Gt1

The new generation of Polygel amazing product for beginners and for advanced sculpting

-The universal product shade easy adopts to clients skin shade

-Strong and durable even in a thin layer

-Easy to pinch

-Perfectly holds an arch

-Light to file (180grid), doesn’t wear off

Suitable for:

-Fixing cracks

-Strengthening the nail and restoration of the nails natural free edge

-Nail extension on nail forms

-Nail sculpting using dual top forms

Curing time in (48watt) Uv Lamp 2 minutes

Requires rubber base as a base layer

Can be used with Isopropyl 70% alcohol liquid

Is absolutely thixotropy but as soon as you begin to use a brush it very manageable.

Keep away from children .

    VAT Included
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