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Staleks PRO Pedicure Disc PodoDisc PD

Staleks PRO Pedicure Disc PodoDisc PD




XS - 10mm

S - 15mm

M - 20mm

L - 25mm



  • the extended leg of 37 mm which allows using a disc in devices with the vacuum cleaner
  • unique design with holes, due to which the weight of the tool is reduced, which allows not to break the device handle
  • reduced foot heating during operation due to drop-shaped holes
  • can be disinfected by special products
  • can be sterilized in a dry heat sterilizer and autoclave
  • increases the hygiene and safety of the procedure
  • allows you to increase the speed of the pedicure procedure
  • ensures better processing of the foot skin
  • high quality stainless steel
    PriceFrom £10.90
    VAT Included
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