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Staleks PRO Metal Nail File Straight Base

Staleks PRO Metal Nail File Straight Base

SKU: MBE-20s
EXPERT 20S (130mm)MBE-20SOr EXPERT 20MBEp-20KEY FEATURESmetal base, stainless steelworks with all kinds of direct files in Bobbinaileasy to use, especially for pedicurespecial notches make it easy to remove the glue file after workensures the safety of the client and the masteramenable to disinfection and sterilizationreusablelength 130 mmshape: straight Please note:This is only wooden nail file bases pack only.You may also need the folowing disposable files:Staleks PRO Disposable Files-Cases for a Straight Nail FileStalkes PRO Disposable Double-Sided Files PAPMAM MIX 180/240grit (30pcs)Staleks PRO Doughnut AT-180 Nail File Roll in a plastic case (8m)
    PriceFrom £9.00
    VAT Included
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