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How to cut the cuticle with scissors

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

💅🏿Cutting the cuticle is a very important step in the manicure process. We have to make sure the most royal area of the cuticle is well look after, our majesty the cuticle 👸

But how to make the perfect cut?😓

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Or you can have a go and try !🤗

In order for the cut to be perfect, you need to follow a few rules:

✔ Begin with a neat manicure❗️

✔️To start cutting the cuticle we start with the lower blades under the cuticle, pressing the elbow to the body

✔ We place the tools blades at an angle of 90° in respect to the nail plate, taking into account the transverse arch of the nail

✔ Do not tear off the lower blade from the nail plate

✔ Don’t raise your elbow too high

✔Do not go beyond the outer line of the cuticle when closing the blades

✔ We move in small steps, no longer than 1.5-2 mm, each time changing the angle of rotation of the blades, according to the cuticle line

✔ Focus on the tip of the instrument when closing

✔ When you have reached the left sinus , turn the finger to the side and end the cut, turning the blades towards the left sinus

✔ With the last movement we emerge with the tips of the scissor up, while lowering the elbow down

Observing these rules, you can easily work out the perfect cut!

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West Yorkshire

Naetika Academy educator N.Antonova

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