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Different Country Learners

Different Country Learners🥑

Non-UK Certificates Important information ❗️❗️

🫒For people who currently hold a non UK accredited Kart certificate we are offering a 30% discount on our Kart course which will, at the end, provide you with a UK accredited Kart certificate.

🍅Kart isn’t only taught in the UK however if you wish to work and provide Kart treatment in the UK you must hold a UK accredited certificate. If you hold a Kart certificate from any other country such as Romania, Lithuanian or Russia it is not valid here in the UK and you are not permitted to perform the Kart Pedicure because it will not be covered by your insurance.

Therefore our academy offers 30% our fully English, accredited course which WILL allow you to work in England.

🥒Another reason you should definitely be retaught this course in English is because you will be able to supply the correct advice and accurate consultation to your client with key phrases in English, this may not be possible if you were taught Kart in a different language.

🌽Or if you have been taught Kart at another academy and felt their teachings were not enough. You can relearn all you need to know with the help and support from our educator who are sure not to miss any key information you will require.

🍑With our new comfortable and professional learning platform ✍️learning has never been easier.

✍️Learn at your own pace, with access to the course for 3 months, and also learn in the comfort of your own home.

✍️View our high quality lessons with a range of different problems all shown on our demonstrations.

👏Not only will you receive a professional course but also a physical copy of the Kart protocol and catalogue and OF COURSE an accredited certificate.*

*Certificate will be given either when a live zoom assessment has been completed or (for an extra cost of £50) a in person practical is done on 2 models in our Academy. If you would like to complete the assessment in our academy please contact our educators after initial enrolment.

! Please note that upon enrolment with this auction you must provide proof of a Kart certificate from another country or company.


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