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Kart pedicure Return Learners

Fantastic news for Return Learners 🥑

🥒For those who have already taken our Kart course but want to refresh their knowledge with new innovations within the technique we are offering a 70% discount on our updated Kart

🫐Naetika Academy is offering an updated Kart Course with the newest techniques and information in Kart, that those who learned the course in 2018/19 would not know.

🥥With our new comfortable and professional learning platform learning has never been easier.

•Learn at your own pace, with access to the course for 3 months

•Learn in the comfort of your own home.

•View our high quality lessons with a range of different problems all shown on our demonstrations.

🍅And to support you on your relearning journey we are offering you a 70% discount on our course. Not only will you receive a professional course but also a physical copy of the Kart protocol and catalogue and OF COURSE an accredited certificate.*❗️

🍇*Certificate will be given either when a live zoom assessment has been completed or (for an extra cost of £50) a in person practical is done on 2 models in our Academy. If you would like to complete the assessment in our academy please contact our educators after initial enrolment.

! Please note that upon enrolment with this auction you must provide proof of a Kart certificate from our Academy.


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