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Soak Off or File Off?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I'm not forcing anyone to change the method its completely up to you. I just sharing more info, so you can compare and make your decision by yourself.

There is a lot of controversy and discussion on the topic of what is better and safer for the nail plate, soak gel polish with an acetone-containing liquid or file off with an e-file.

I’ll say right away that I personally file off the gel polish with an e-file.❗(its my way and my decision)

To begin with, today there are high-level brands in which gel polishes do not dissolve in principle. This is not gel, not gel paint, namely gel polish coatings that are not susceptible to acetone.🚩

What is acetone.⚠️

Acetone is a colorless, mobile, volatile liquid with a characteristic pungent odor. It is very irritating to the mucous membranes: prolonged inhalation of large concentrations of vapor leads to inflammation of the mucous membranes, pulmonary edema and toxic pneumonia.(just a medical fact you can check this if you want)⚠️

Acetone is a powerful degreaser, if it gets on the skin it dries it instantly, imagine what happens to the skin and nails when exposed to acetone for 10-15 minutes, this is the average time for dissolving acrylic or gel polish. Even if you don’t feel the smell of acetone in the liquid to dissolve gel polish, this does not mean that it is not there.👩‍🔬 It is everywhere, even in “acetone-free” nail polish remover fluids; nothing else will dissolve either nail polish or gel polish.☝️

What is a nail plate.👩‍🏫

The nail consists of keratin-protein, the protein contains sulfur atoms, and the more they are, the stronger the nails, in addition to sulfur, nails contain chromium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and selenium.🕵️‍♀️ Between the pressed keratin flakes are layers of fat and water, these layers make the nail shiny and elastic.💅🏿

That is why after removing gel polish by dissolving with liquid, the nails become very dry and brittle, acetone simply degreases, removes almost all moisture from the structure of the nail.💥 The consequences are easy to imagine, the nails begin to exfoliate, crumble and crack, which you agree is not very harmless to the nails.🤯

Of course, the nails are restored over time, but as a rule, a new coating follows after removal, and they are sealed again and again by the coating, which inhibits their restoration. In this case, gel polish or extension even saves, brittle and layered nails that cause discomfort are sealed and over time, with a proper approach, a healthy nail grows.🌱

Is it safe to dissolve gel polish and acrylic?

Above in the video you can see we are removing product with an e-file.🤖

Now the technique of strengthening the nail plate with gel polish, or rather the base, is very popular, which gives a strengthening of the nails due to the thickness of this base on the nail.

There are several options of this technique, which gives very good results in terms of gel polish wearability. Due to the thickness of the base, a pillow is created on the natural nail plate and when we file off the gel polish, we file off it exactly to this layer, that is, the drill bit does not work on the nail, it only contacts the artificial coating that serves as this pillow.☁️

Next, we polish the overgrown nail plate on the side of the cuticle and the “pillow” with a soft buffer that does not reduce the thickness of the nail.❗

That is, we have no effect on the nail itself!

Therefore, in what state it was in the initial version, it remained so. In the case of soaking, we would have to polish the nail every time, which of course is not favorable for it. 😭It’s one thing to go through the buff once or every 2-4 weeks, taking into account the fact that a complete change in the nail polish takes up to 6 months, imagine how many times we will have to cut an already exhausted nail. Next, we apply the base again, aligning the nail plate and cover with color, that is, the part that we polished closes and the next time we don’t touch it!

Which option do you prefer, nail technicians?🤗👌

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