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PodoDisc pedicure

Woow effect!🤯

Is it realistic to create this effect with a pedicure ???

Using discs in pedicure yes ✅yes ✅yes ✅100%

Clients sometimes even cry 😭with happiness when they touch their perfectly smooth, mirrored soles.🦶🦶

👟You cannot achieve the same result with any other means and instruments, only by using discs

The secret is several stages:

✅ processing with special abrasives based on

silicone and carbide

(unique composition of files)

✅polishing | sliding plus oil in the technique to create a membrane.

✅Correct choice of work protocol.

✅compliance with the technique.

This is WOW magic🙀

Pure buzz not only for the client but also for the master.

Still thinking⁉️


what is there to think ⁉️

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